Arq (Closed Permanently)

97% love it
GayCities Members report that Arq has closed
Lights fantastic
One of the largest clubs in Sydney. Huge dance floor, mesmerizing laser light shows. Mezzanine overlooks the floor, multiple party nights. Drag, costume shows, women's nights--and much, much more.


    • Levi501
      Levi501 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      An absolute disgrace to the LGBTQ community, which they falsely claim to support. At a time when our community needs to stand together to get the equal rights we deserve, ARQ seems to forget that it is our community that has helped keep them in business for 18 years. I, like other people who left reviews, was kicked out by an arrogant bouncer who wanted to get his quota of kicking people out - and yes, I was stone cold sober (who would want an overpriced drink served by drugged up bar staff?). Sat on the bottom of the stairs for a sec, and the security guard pinched my arm so hard it left a bruise and told me to "get the hell out". After repeatedly asking for an explanation, he wouldn't give one and told me to "step out". You guys are a complete disgrace to our community and should be ashamed of yourselves. Your false narrative of supporting and standing by the LGBTQ community in this time that requires solidarity is something to be ashamed of. Luckily, one look at the very average crowd size, it's not hard to see ARQ it's on it last legs. With the lock out laws, and the closure of Midnight Shift, and the decline of Sydney's nightlife, it's only a matter of time before this place closes (and rightly so). Judging by the amount of drug infected persons ARQ turns a blind eye to (and by turning a blind eye to, actually supports drug use), it's easy to see where ARQ makes their money - not through the sale of drinks. A true disgrace to the LGBTQ community. I wouldn't waste my money or time at this dying, has-been venue.

    • msparky69
      msparky69 Over a year ago

      Friendly & Fun
      Had a great night the staff were really friendly and we all had a blast.

    • klaus418
      klaus418 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Homophobic security
      I guess the attitude of the security just reflects what the venue has become, an dull and straight Arq is not the gay venue it once was... In fact based on the weekend clientele it's not even gay any more. Security certainly made us feel uncomfortable when we were hassled when we were veging out on the side lines having a cuddle. With in seconds security are over telling us to sit up straight and not look like we're sleeping (no where near sleeping btw) Sydney is a great city! If you come don't spoil your visit/experience with Arq

    • richb
      richb Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great little club with very good drag show
      Somewhat strange layout of chairs and tables that seem to be randomly placed and even a pool table but very popular in a Thursday night with a very mixed but fun crowd. Drag show was really good and a lot of fun.

    • gnu_andrew
      gnu_andrew Over a year ago

      Was quite good until the music went downhill & it filled up with idiots and drug pushers.

    • AussieThunder
      AussieThunder Over a year ago
      Hates it

      'Gay' Superclub
      When ARQ first opened it was super gay and pristine. These days it's a very mixed crowd and it's an interesting dynamic between the gay clientele, handbag girls and their surly boyfriends. The club has been quite druggy over the years, but that's just typical for any Sydney dance club. It has two large levels. The top level has an iconic revolving door entrance, two bars and a circular dancefloor with a stage. Behind the stage are booth style seating. There is a top mezzanine level where the dj booth is and the walls have a few eggshaped 'couple seats' in the wall. The lighting, sound and laser rig on the main dancefloor was a big drawcard to Arq. The downstairs club has a large stage area and is adjacent to what locals affectionately call 'trash alley' a narrow alley where smokers hang out - you can certainly meet some interesting characters here. Arq is worth a visit just to check it out, but whether it's your scene or not - you'll soon find out.

    • karonarona
      karonarona Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Club
      I loved this club! 3 levels, Hot DJ, and a show in between! Did not want to leave....and being that it closed at 7am...I didnt have to if I didnt want to lol

    • auha6969
      auha6969 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Well i'm from sydney
      ARQ Is a good club! But only 2 days a week! Thursdays & sundays! Don't go all that much now! But we still love it there! We just don't go on satdays! To straight!!!! For us!!!!

    • BrownBoi89
      BrownBoi89 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Had fun here on my birthday!
      Went here for my birthday on a Saturday night. I loved how spacious it was! There were 2 floors. The top floor is the main floor and more dancey but the bottom is more casual and hang out. From what I remember the crowd was on the younger side and a mix of men and women of all orientations. The music could've been better and cover was pretty expensive. But I had a blast!

    • blondofborg
      blondofborg Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Former hot spot needs a revival
      Once the jewel in Oxford Street's crown, ARQ is now a has-been diva in desperate need of a face lift. Which is not to say it isn't still fun, but it's a strictly by-the-numbers experience. Average music and a cooler-than-thou crowd with a heavy straight percentage. The drag shows are decent enough, but have nothing on what you can catch at Imperial, and the above-average prices leave you feeling like your wallet's been gouged in the name of past glories.

    • jase47
      jase47 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Losing a lot of its shine
      Once the doyen of gay clubs in Sydney, ARQ has seriously let herself go. The interior has not been updated or renovated since I first started going there in 2004, the drinks are some of the most expensive on the strip, the music has gotten increasingly dissonant (the dj's call it "variety"), and of course the ubiquitous faghag/straight girl quotient is making this club more straight than gay. Drag shows still have a prominent place downstairs, and they are better than the common Sydney fare, but that's not enough to drag ya in. Their recent day club, Eclipse, doesn't seem to be making much of a difference, either. With newer clubs like Slide, Never Mind and 169/Haus, ARQ just needs to step up its game or go the way of other perennial Sydney "where are they now" clubs.

    • gec32310
      gec32310 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Seen its better days
      The age of the mega club pumping trance into the wee hours of the morning is on its way out. Coming from LA i didnt think places like this still existed. Most expesive cover on oxford st, music that sounds like a single song on repeat, lasers from every direction, most everyone dancing topless, and drinks getting spilled left and right. Only check this place out when everything else is dead or youre approaching the 2am lock-in time. To it's credit, i always ended up hooking up with someone whenever i went since its the type of place where no conversation is just go up to the guy, smile, grind, make out, and ask him back to your hotel.

    • BosGuy
      BosGuy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Fun club and friendly crowd
      I just returned from Sydney this week and was at Arq on Sunday, December 6th. The nightclub has two levels and I prefer the ground level, but the place fills to capacity and the music is good wherever you find yourself.

    • karl_australia
      karl_australia Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Best dance club in Oxford St.
      Arq is really one of the best gay clubs in Oxford St. Great dance music, strobe lights, friendly atmosphere, catering to a more younger/lively crowd who love dancing and having a fun time. If you're after something a little different, head down downstairs in the basement where you'll find more R&B/House music. There's even a Poker-machine room to the side! All-round great venue where you'll find people from all over Australie and even the world.