357 Sydney City Steam

74% love it
Four-levels of fun
Four stories of fun greet you at this CBD bathhouse. In addition to private rooms, sauna, steam room, and hot tub, you'll find a wrestling room, multiple video parlors, and a licensed wine bar. Busiest weekdays for lunch and Sunday afternoon/evening.


    • kiwiperson
      kiwiperson Over a year ago
      Loves it

      meet Asian guys
      I love this place and always visit when in Sydney. Regular towels off and lights out events. Young Asian crowd.

    • Thetankster
      Thetankster Over a year ago

      An awesome place. I was hesitant at first but now am a regular from time to time. Iā€™m an older big man and have had great times when here. I love the mix of people who visit and the staff are wonderful. The different types of parties are awesome and have only been to a towel free time once and man was that something. I was satisfied more than once and the pleasure I gave out was heavenly as well. Am going tonight for the foam party.

    • warmandnaked
      warmandnaked Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Good fun
      Overall it is a well maintained and relatively clean environment. There is plenty of space and activity to have a good time.

    • cooperpete
      cooperpete Over a year ago
      Hates it

      the customers were pushy and I felt uncomfortable because of this, esp asian boys, though staff were friendly

    • JulienBonn
      JulienBonn Over a year ago
      Loves it

      One the best saunas in the world
      Lots of action in this great place with several parties during the week. Bath foam on Sundays, a must.

    • asioboy
      asioboy Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I asked a simple question and got a mocking response with attitude from one of the staff. So much for welcoming first timers and their website's claim of being attitude free. There are friendlier saunas and venues in Sydney and most of those are in the Oxford St area where the feel in the street is safer and more accepting and guys aren't pretending to be straight.

    • Ilove2eat
      Ilove2eat Over a year ago

      Best sauna for older chubby men & Asians boys
      357 is my favourite now, I use to go kingsteam but come here now because I'm a very big man (chubby) and I feel people who like big chubby (bit over weight) older men come to 357. It's known for its OLDER & CHUBBY customers as well as ASIAN and it makes me happy coming here.

    • Kiwibigboy
      Kiwibigboy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Best Sauna in Town
      My Partner and I visit this Sauna regularly and by far this is the best in Sydney. Gay owned and operated this is not only one of the friendliest Sauna's around it is the largest. Located close to Haymarket, 357 has a strong Asian presence but it has diversified recently with the closure of Ken's in 2013. You now get a good mix of Asian, Twinks, Cubs and Older guys. The best time to visit is Friday before 7PM, Saturday & Sunday. between 3pm-7pm. Sunday, by far is the busiest with a foam party held from 4pm. If you're visiting during Mardi Gras be sure to get in before 2pm as the queue to get is gets really really long as the place max's out with over 400 guests. The place is kept clean and well maintained. (Doors that lock and aren't falling off their hinges). They did some renovations recently in the wet area. It also offers unlimited towels for a max of 20 Hours unlike other Sydney Sauna's. They also have a 24hour STI terminal linked to Sydney Sexual health clinic providing anonymous STI testing. ACON (Aids Council of NSW) also have representatives onsite during peak periods offering advise (when approached) on STI's and how to play safe. There is actually 3 levels of play with the top floor a chill out area and a cafe called Boys on top. This is licensed cafe with a great selection of rolls and cakes. Coffee is limited to instant and POD type. They have Internet access and a small theatre showing popular movies. The downside is when its quiet its REALLY quiet. Unlike Bodyline this place doesn't "rock" late at nite/early AM on Friday~Sunday nites. Also parking can get expensive during the day. Do your research if driving in or take public transport. 357 is a must to check out during any Sydney visit. Happy Cruising! :-)

    • Worfy
      Worfy Over a year ago

      kind of clean, people rather scary
      We went to Sydney and looked for the sauna to go. Unfortunately we decided for the 357. The crowed was mainly very old guys, or Asian boys. People around 30-40 very absent. The older sometimes didn't understand 'no thanks'. Cleanness was ok, sauna and steam ok, but nothing happened there. Overall we would try next time another.

    • Paul211
      Paul211 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      mixed crowd
      Top marks to the happy and friendly staff and super clean venue. Level4 is so chilled out, but the cafe could be open more. My fav theme is the towel free zone on L3 in the dark room. Chance of group fun on L2, and steamy experiences on L1. 357 is a place of respect and so much fun.

    • pato.canepa.10
      pato.canepa.10 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      top Sauna in Sydey
      Nice and polite staff, clean, well maintained and a diverse crowd. Different guys for all taste. Love the place and have been recommended it any time. Only thing I suggest you to revise, the policy of allowing a couple of guys to almost live there. They are becoming a bit painful been there all the time, talking to everyone and "overusing" every single service available. Apart from this, 10 points and congratulations to the managers

    • fairman
      fairman Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Staff with attitude and disrespect for customers, felt like I was not welcome in anyway, they have attitude problem towards some nationalities? racist staff??? I would never go again!

    • Tigerco
      Tigerco Over a year ago
      Loves it


    • Newboy80202
      Newboy80202 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Nice place -- but be careful
      During a recent visit to AU I decided to try this place out. I found the afternoon lunch time had the most hot guys while the evenings were quieter/slow. About a week after I returned to the states I found out I got a staph infection which has been a bitch to get rid of. Be careful and make sure you use a clean room and keep your towel with you at all times. If your towel walks away --- I'd rather go naked downstairs to get a new one.

    • VanDick
      VanDick Over a year ago
      Loves it

      saturday october 12...anyone going today? i'll be there around 1pm