Apollo Mardi Gras - Metro Theatre


It’s time to get your gay on as we finish Mardi Gras 2017 by putting the F back into fun at Apollo The Party. Put your jetpacks on, pack your dancing shoes and get ready to trip the light fantastic as we rocket through an electric, super-charged day of silliness and fun. It’s a world-class event like no other!

The day begins at 2pm when you enter Apollo at the famous Metro Theatre (just a quick stroll, frolic or skip from Oxford Street) and into our Launch Pad where you’ll be met by house music maestros Adam Love & Adam Cox – the perfect beginning to a day of dancing, mingling, fresh faces and new friends.

Then, prepare yourself as you head into the Apollo Arena – a tiered, multi-levelled playground that embraces other-worldly flourishes and pushes your senses to the absolute limits. It’s all set against a soundtrack of high-energy, fun, driving and uplifting sounds from Apollo legends Ruby & Matt Bachl all leading to the piece de resistance: the finale.

Apollo prides itself on pushing the boundaries of production. Expect everything you’ve come to love and more. We’ll see you on the dance floor!


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