Lady Jane Beach

92% love it
Gay nude beach
For beautiful surroundings (not to mention the gorgeous landscape), head out to Lady Jane Beach on a sunny afternoon. Nudity isn't only optional here, it's expected by the regulars (tourists have made a point of coming for a look-see). So drop those board shorts: eye candy awaits you, and maybe a little more if you're lucky.
    • Stevenr2506
      Stevenr2506 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Expect to take it off and have your pic taken!
      Lady jane is very convinient by public transport, city buses and ferry, and a very beautiful beach. However, it is a nude beach and you will be given the stink eye if you dont bare it all so be prepared to do so and be prepared to have your picture taken by all the tourist above you and even on the beach! Yes they come down to the beach and just snap snap snap without your permission. Also, its a cruise beach, which i find disgusting, but at leat everything is done out of sight and in the rocks! So if youjust want to get sun all over and erase the tan lines then stay on te beach and let it hang (if you can, the water is freezing cold and you get a cool breeze so be ware growers! This is a showers beach!) outside of that its a nice gay beach and very scenic on the way.

    • jonnybastin
      jonnybastin Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The bears favourite beach
      Not that easy to get too, but well worth it. Less heavy waves than at Bondi and more secluded, popular with bears including regular "Bears Beach Days" held by the Harbour City Bears.

    • BBmountain
      BBmountain Over a year ago
      Loves it

      what great views from there
      great place to spend some time at views across the harbour are wonderful

    • Pewit
      Pewit Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Sydney's Other Nude Beach
      Lady Jane Beach is great in that it's easily accessable from the centre of Sydney by taking the ferry to Watson's Bay from Circular Quay (Don't forget to check the time of the last ferry back!). However it is rather small and rocky (especially when the tide is in), and there are both people who perve on the beach from the path above as well as those who stand in the water and flash at the walkers - both of which are rather tacky. Far nicer, more secluded and more cruisy is Obelisk Beach on the opposite side of the harbour.

    • Kalbuddy
      Kalbuddy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Sydney Nude Beach
      Lady Jane Beach is located just at the mouth of the Sydney Harbour. From Lady Jane beach you have great views not just of the other naked talent but you also have the Sydney Harbour in the background, Parking is limited Once you reach Watsons Bay Hotel, walk past it, turning left towards the lighthouse, you'll walk past the entrance to the army barracks on your right and then a small car park also on your right. The first beach you come across is Camp Cove beach which is a family beach To the right of the beach, there are wooden stairs leading to a small track. Walk up these stairs. You'll pass a old canon used in previous wars, continue up the road past some toilets and down the track until you see the sign for Lady Jane beach. The beach is great for soaking up the sun but if your prefer a bit of action, turn right and head straight past the beach onto the rocks.