Non-Denominational Leather Social (October Edition!)


We are back!! Time to get leathery and come out for a drink!!

We are not affliated with other groups, so no politics to worry about.

Come along for a great night in gear (the amount of gear is up to you), socialise without thumping music, and meet some new people and get reacquainted some old friends. If you're new to leather and want to dip your toes in, come meet some like minded folks. You are very welcome!

This gathering is a chance for all members of the leather community to come together, meet and socialise. It is not about the amount of leather you own. Respect for all facets of the community and levels of experience is expected.

Remember, this is a public event. Keep this in mind. No nudity or sexual contact please.

We will be sharing the space with other patrons, so think of it as a regular pub night, but in leather, so general pub rules should be a good guide ie: feel free to wear your chaps, but over jeans rather than over a jock.


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