"A life without borders" - 10 years in Aus!


On October 18th 2007, I arrived in Sydney, Australia as young, fresh faced, somewhat naive "straight" 22 year old with a Sun-In infused ginger afro. Fast forward 10 years later, I am fun loving, flamboyant, annoying, OTT party kween with a suspected recreational drug problem. So why not celebrate that, YAY!

In all seriousness, it's been an amazing decade full of the usual ups and downs, so please join me at the Beauchamp Hotel for some drinks, nibbles, over sharing of stories and photos on people's phones. Naturally this will be followed by a mince next door, and most likely Rise/Phoenix for those of you that have the stamina for it.

It's also my birthday on October 1st, so very much a kill two birds with one stone setup here :)

More details to follow. Hope you can make it!

PS I am sure I have forgotten people, please let me know if there is anyone I have missed out!

Mikey xx


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