Sunday Bar Hop! (Or Watch Dale & William Muck Up Spectacularly)


Join us as we try something different to make it a boozy Sunday as we meander Oxford Street in Paddington/Darlinghurst before making our way to the Green Park at 5:00 PM. Join us for ALL stops, or a few, it's no hassles either way!

Stops are outlined below, and for the theme let's all wear a number! 21, 45, 69, 17. Front or back. On a hat, a jacket, or jeans. Doesn't matter as there's strength in numbers, and maybe a strong drink or 12!! Hope to see you & any friends you care to invite.

** William's words:
In case you were wondering who that handsome devil is in the photo I should add that this was our idea that we literally cooked up over the course of the day, all because I innocently suggested I join in for a (non) booze session one day, and then I thought why not bring friends in? But major props, Dale did all the grunt work lol. If all goes well, we might do a slightly bigger mini bar hop in a couple of months, with costumes and stuff. Anyway, let the misadventures begin.

2:00 - The Unicorn Hotel
106 Oxford St
2:40 - Art Bar
27 Oxford St
3:25 - Beauchamp Hotel
267 Oxford St
4:15 - Darlo Bar
306 Liverpool St
5:00 - Green Park
360 Victoria St

Remember: invite friends, family, pals, mates, but please wear a numbered article of clothing for effect!
  • The Unicorn Hotel, Paddington
    106 Oxford St, Paddington, Sydney
  • Sunday May 21
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