PACHA SYDNEY ft John Course / DCUP / Minx


‘Sneaky’ is usually an unfavorable term, but add a few words and you get exactly the opposite.

Yes, we’re referring to the epitome of awesome – SNEAKY SOUND SYSTEM.

Saturday December 8 is a date you need to mark in your diary in pen, not pencil. Powerhouse duo Connie Mitchell and Black Angus are setting the stage for a mammoth and magical night of music, choreography, slick summer beats and visual treats. Their hit list reads like a phone book – think UFO, Pictures, I Love It, Kansas City and many more.

Supporting this dynamic duo are a stellar cast of local and international talent that will provoke the deepest of senses, and let’s not forget the epic unveiling of the 3rd Pacha Sydney show. We feel a song coming on…

Sneaky Sound System have carved an undeniable groove into the dance floors and playlists of Australia and the world. Powerhouse singer Miss Connie Mitchell and producer extraordinaire Black Angus McDonald have been creating universal hits since 2004 and continue to build a colossal following on a global scale. Epitome of awesome? Yes indeed.

To really make it easy for you, we teamed up with online fashion powerhouse The Iconic to not only offer you some options but to introduce some of the Pacha Sydney team as well. Feast your eyes here on some options -

My limited guestlist is $30 so send all names through to


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